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Lyrics: Harmony of Chaos

Injector, Harmony of Chaos

1 – Intro


2 – Breathe the Dust

Dust and blood ascending
from the ground to the floor,
bring us the doom as
form of greed we harbor.

Fall and rise, fall and rise,
but keep running again
or you will never see the light
succeding to this hell.

Run! Feel the ectasy
running throuh your veins.

Run! Don’t tie down
your soul to the floor.

The earth i shaking
to our growls demanding blood.
There’s a price that they will pay
and that’s the fire in their souls.

Fall and rise, fall and rise,
but keep running again
or you will never see the light
succeding to this hell.

Bodies pain in red the walls
of the devastated world.
They’re begging to survive or die
by the hand of their god.
A last look burn their eyes
for seeing the universal blast,
punishment for all the sins commited
in the name of the mankind.

Coward, don’t run away,
there’s nothing to be scared of.
Coward, don’t be afraid
and breathe the dust with us.

Shout at the storm and die
for the mistakes they’ve done.
We’ll retrieve the sinful land
through rain, fire and snow.

Shattered by a superior form
of mind and tech we are,
the natura has avenged for
all the harm we caused.



3 – Role of the Gods

Waiting for the stellar chaos.
We will be the sentinels.
Ask your last desire,
you will feel the hell.

We born
– from the ashes –
of god
– and his Maker –
We watch
– the eternal –
– and its destruction –

We will play the role of the gods.

Black holes appear
inside of every soul.
Suns stole the life
beyond of constellations.

We will play the role of the gods.

Stellar chaos!

Nebulous of death,
grinding death planetes.
The eternal darkness
perpetually remains.

We will play the role of the gods.

4 – Lady Swamp

There was a time
when all the breave men run
to catch the spark
that arose between their minds.
One day
one of them arrived
to a place where forever
he will remain.

And she saw through his heart.

It’s the darkest sword you’ll wield
Happiness with the cold steel
that will drown down you in pain and fear.
And we called her Lady Swamp

He fought and fought
for his golden goal,
step by step
falling in a deep well.

And the final look
dazzled him with love.
Deathly spikes smothered
the hope again.

And she saw through his hart.

Eternal voice, take me,
take my life or it will dissapear
through the blackened curtains,
covers of my fears.
Caress the floor with your red threads
and touch the seed of the forgotten feel.
Taste the fake, the only thing
that will prevail.

And we marched,
we run away,
from those bastard moors
that so many lifes got.
But I tell you,
I will go back,
for I am the one
who cross the Swamp.

And she saw throguh his heart.

Red smile is all they see.
Rip their veins and you will feel
the burning touch of a blind fear.
And we called her Lady Swamp.

5 – Where Death Dwells

Rainy night and I walk down the moon
trying to avoid the darkness of the day.

Death, it’s death, I said,
what herein dwelss.
Ghosts of the past
roam the grey paths,
Foreign noises drill my eardrums,
but I walk down the shore
to reach your hand.

We rise,
for we are the moonlight.
We rise,
where death dwells tonight.

I look to the sky to see what the clouds hide,
but I only feel the senses melting in my brain.

The sorrow juice,
flows ‘till touch
the bowl in which
all of it could lay.

The soul swung
by the hand of bile,
rest inside the walls
cut from faith and liars.

Star, come to heal.
Erase the scar,
With light show me the sign
rejected by the hand.

Hell, send your fire,
purify the thoughts,
with flames of truth
your burn the old desire,
send your fire.

Prepare for vengeance,
prepare for the fire,
we will bring you the ruin,

Prepare for the ascension,
prepare for our light.
The moon will bring the chaos
Were death dwelss tonight.

6 – Cancer


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