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Lyrics: Swords of Armageddon


1 – Ascend to Hell

See the bullets crossing fast
Feel the earth trembling down
Peer into the cold still water
Where life stand still
Frozen by the horror
Bear witness to an un-ending hell

Piercing my subconscious
Are the remnants od devastation
Cold calculated venom
Re-injects and infects
Relived combat situation

Through the iris visions stream
Passing bodies of the head
Blinding shock of relentless torment
Echoing the reports as I scream

2 – Black Legion

Crossing through the mist – drenched in blood
Red skies, black earth – trenches in blood
Laying corpses on the pestilent clay
the spectral battlefield now silent

A new leader descends from beyond
Scarface, pale and grim – the nameless one
invocating the darkest gods of war
resurrecting the dead
alienating the mutilated ones

A new breed, army of the massacred
The black legion advances
Screaming hymns of war with a black breath

Legions of dark surrender souls
Advancing without sense of mission
Atmosphere of wrath – Expanding the horror
Lawless orders – Raping the land with anarchy

Soldiers of another world
Like rabid wolves with mouths afoam
Unholy weapons to curse mankind
Commanded by the nameless one

Prepared to attack, the ghosts of war
Savage assasins, a new dying breed has born
Curse – kill – Exterminate… God watching from hell
Nothing will remain – We will see in hell

3 – Swords of Armageddon

Fury of faith – Unleashed within
Dancing with snakes – In a spiritual trance
The choosen few – The anointing ones
Authority, conquer, devastation

A new god will be raised
Built of refined uranium
Grotesque glory – The dawn is ours
Mysteries of warfare – Raised the abyss

Born by our hands
Guided by the new messiah
We cross the deserts
To reach Babylon’s whore
Clutching the swords in hands
To throw her at holy fire

Grotesque glory – The dawn is ours
Mysteries of warfare – Raised the abyss
A new tribulation – Lakes of fire
The kingdom come – Raining hell

Swords of Armageddon – Second Coming Arise
Swords of Armageddon – Cursing the infidels with fire
Swords of Armageddon – Submited by the hand of god
Swords of Armageddon – Apostles gathered in a warfare
Swords of Armageddon – A new order razor’s blade
Swords of Armageddon – Grasping the Apocalypse

4 – Militant Messiah

Congregation – Conflagration
Encased in steel – Firebombed ideals
Singing in a trance – Let’s pray by death
The second coming will be a bloodbath

Encroachment of lies, soon to be buried in deceit
The afterlife of peace awaits you – The pain won’t last

Your final hours await you
Soon you’ll meet our cosmic divinity
Take my hand and go beyond the abyss
Far beyond from rationality

Our psychic walls are breaking
commanders strike force with steel
Smoke bomb terror amidst the paradise of lies
Lead and leading… My promise I shall keep

Holy sky awaits for a hell to come
Soon descends from above slowly burned to death

5 – Revenge

Violence is passion – My throne of wrath
In my mind an only thought – To hunt you
I want your total decay and it’s in my hands
Consuming hatred to the enemy

Revenge – You will be silenced
Revenge – You will be cursed
Revenge – You will be dominated
Revenge – You will be enslaved

I am the owner of your sensations
Penetrating to your soul through the pain
Compassion is my enemy – Imagination is my allied
A world of anarchy made of self-disciplined cruelty

Justification of acts – Injecting my hate
My heart is stone – My breath is so fast
Raining vengeance – My sanctuary
The devil inside – Blood running cold

A world of anarchy made of self-discipled cruelty,
Blinded by revenge

6 – Beyond Trinity

A light in the abyss
Set the earth on fire
Infra-vision in domintaions malice
Highlights revealing what’s to be
From here to the end… Beyond trinity
Developing a primitive society
With impulsing manufactured death heat
Like godly fire giants beneath their feet
Beyond trinity – Beyond demise
Souls afire – Nuclear pyre
Splitting the atom of death wake madness
Superior thoughts of global grip
Hammer of ranging sun blasts
Strike that button to end the last
The new dawn of warfare is here
Dustfiled mushroom skies smiles ‘n snear
Science in tragedy – The new world orders plot their greed
Beyond trinity – Beyod demise
Souls afire – Nuclear pyre
The lights of thousand suns returns back mankind to darkness
Black thunder blasts – Stormbringers by designs
Hurricane of flames – Souls afire!!!
The god of salvation positioned in a throne of steel
Beyond trinity – Beyond the Valley of Death
Developing a primitive society
Beyond Trinity – Beyond Thunder
The light of holy men – The darkest hour

7 – Throw the hammer

Blood red horizon
The sky is burning
Angels falling down
Your god is dead now

Throw the hammer – The hordes of a new breed
Throw the hammer – Blackfire to mankind

The world being the anvil
Our heart being the hammer
Fueled by hatred
All sacred is preishing

No shield can stop us
Glorify the flames at night
Blinding with ashes and dust
The world a nameless grave

Throw the hammer – The hordes of a new breed
Throw the hammer – Blackfire to mankind
Throw the hammer – We the wolves of Armageddon
Throw the hammer – Destroy ‘em all

8 – Ride the Scythe

Wheels of rusty razor – Reaping existence
Life’s a twilight dream – Over the edge
Flesh torn from the bone – Bone turning into dust
Eyeless cosmic presence – Evil harvest of blood


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